Eclipse RCP Resources

  • Posted on: 17 December 2014
  • By: Nate Jones

While researching Eclipse RCP applications for an upcoming project, I found that it was really hard to find clear concise documentation on the subject. So I'm making note of some of the resources that I found most useful here.

  • Minimal RCP Application Built With Tycho - These are the files that I used to build a minimal Eclipse RCP application with Maven+Tycho. It includes all the java, maven, and eclipse files to build a custom application.
  • The Tesla Tycho Book - I found this to be one of the most helpful resources for going step by step through the process of setting up a Tycho project.
  • The Vogella Tycho Tutorial - This tutorial was really good and very detailed. Required a little more familiarity with Eclipse RCP.
  • The Google+ Eclipse RCP & Plug-in Development Community - I tried several different places to ask some questions about Eclipse RCP. I felt like I got some of the most useful feedback from this community.
  • Eclipse Documentation - I found some extremely useful documentation under the heading Platform Plug-in Developer Guide. Very detailed. (Unfortunately this is one of the worst built documentation sites I've ever seen. I couldn't even find a decent way to link to the exact page I wanted.)